Meet “The Sloth,”

a 2019 Toyota Tacoma custom show truck build with all the bells and whistles, designed by Fab Fours’ Greg Higgs and put together here at Southern Off-Road.

Keep on reading on for a quick look at what went into this incredible project!

A Tight Time Frame to Build

On a tight schedule to get to the custom show in Dallas, Greg put Southern Off-Road’s own Adam Richmond to the test with this Tacoma in trying to get it all done in just three weeks.

Well, the extra time that the team at Southern Off-Road had on their hands due to the coronavirus slowing many businesses definitely worked out for the build.

The team finished The Sloth in record time and got it back to Fab Fours looking incredible and ready to hit the road!

There Were Plenty of Challenges

The goal was to create a Tacoma show truck like nothing ever seen before, a truck that could function off-road as an Overlander while also displaying some incredible mod ideas, all without reaching above the 6-foot height marker for balance purposes.

The project was pretty challenging at times, with Adam going back to the drawing board multiple times to rework the math and needing to fabricate custom parts, yet the SORS team did it!

Heading into it, Adam clearly recognized what had to be done:

“… it was as hard as it could possibly be. It was ‘hey, I’ve already got the axles, I’ve already got the shocks, I’ve already got this,’ and then ‘oh, by the way, I want to put 43-inch Mickey Thompson’s on it and I don’t want to be more than six feet tall on the bed,’ and it was just a bed. It was basically everything you could throw at it to make it as hard as possible but it made it look like a Fab Fours truck and ultimately that was what we wanted to pull off. What I thought Greg’s vision of a Tacoma would be.”

What Is In This Unique Taco Build?

Top to bottom, The Sloth incorporates a whole list of custom performance modifications that include one-off fabricated parts just for this project, donor parts from the retired original Fab Fours Legend, and some brand new, never-seen-before Fab Fours parts for the Toyota Tacoma that are just being released:

  • Fab Fours Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors
  • Fab Fours Matrix Front Winch Bumper
  • Fab Fours Tacoma Overland Rack
  • Mickey Thompson 43” tires
  • Custom built Open Fender System
  • Reshaped floor and firewall
  • Modified Gladiator Rock Light Sliders
  • Custom door speaker enclosures
  • IFS conversion to straight Dana Prorock 80 axles
  • Radius arm suspension
  • Custom skid plates and fuel tank plates
  • Marlin Taco Box gear setup
  • Custom center console
  • Remote show and exterior lighting
  • … and much more

Regarding the new Tacoma Trail Doors, here’s Greg’s thoughts on their retro look and his intent in developing them for the Tacoma, which has never had tube doors made for it before:

“… if you look back you just go Google it right now, Toyota mini truck tube doors, well, they don’t really exist. There were some back for the early 80’s models but what you more see is guys taking their mini truck and cutting their actual factory door down, plating the top, and that’s the total throwback I wanted here. All those guys are gonna see these doors and start salivating knowing exactly what we did there…”

A True Labor of Love

Considering how many starts, stops, and revisions were involved, the project was definitely a labor of pride and love for both Adam and Greg.

The creativity it took to get it done even spawned a few new product ideas, one of which has been introduced and orders are being taken – Fab Fours Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors!

The Sloth has turned out to be one of Fab Fours most incredible and complicated builds yet – and it’s amazing!

Get more of the details in this video with Greg and Adam as they walk through the whole process that went into creating The Sloth, some of the challenges they faced, and what they did to get around them!