Being one of the leading vehicle customization shops in the Southeast since 1999, Southern Off-Road Specialists knows a thing or two about wheels and tires. We pride ourselves in carrying an inventory packed with all of the latest in tire technology, from traction to noise cancelling. Furthermore, we’re constantly watching the marketplace and looking to the west coast, where trends tend to originate, to identify what the latest trends in wheel and tire styling are, as well as what new trends are coming in the future.


Southern Off-Road Specialists only stocks premium wheel brands from well respected manufacturers. Old standards like Fuel Off-Road have embraced the newest styles and innovations to stay ahead of the game and produce fresh looking wheel designs. Models like the Fuel Nitro and Rebel embrace the militay-inspired look, and come in several matte-metallic finishes. Newer players to the game, like Black Rhino and VenomRex offer entire lines based on the new style, with a variety of different finishes and designs to choose from.


Of course, wheels do you no good without the right rubber mounted up to them. When it comes to tire choice, we favor three of the most premier manufacturers on the market today – Nitto, Toyo and Yokohama. For customers who are looking for formidable off-road performance yet still maintain a smooth and comfortable highway ride, all three of these manufacturers offer a solution. Enter – the hybrid all-terrain tire design. Nitto’s Ridge Grappler tire is by far the most popular all-terrain we offer, giving your vehicle plenty of mud-terrain bite in the dirt, and a quiet ride on the pavement. Both the Toyo and Yokohama tire companies offer similar designs as well. Toyo, being a sister company to Nitto offers an equally well rounded hybrid all-terrain in its Open Country AT III line of tires. Yokohama stepped their game up back in 2019 upon the introduction of their Geolander X-AT tire. 



Every wheel and every tire we carry and install at Southern Off-Road Specialists must live-up to strict safety and quality standards. As such, every wheel/tire package installed at SORS is made up of tried-and-true components and will retain your vehicle’s ride quality. Whether it’s a simple tire upgrade, or a full wheel/tire/lift package, you can rest assured that your SORS up-fitted vehicle is of the highest quality.

Looking for a quote on a wheels and tires for your vehicle? Contact the experts at SORS today! We’ll help you pick out the best solution for your needs and work you up a formal estimate so you know exactly what your upgrades will cost you.