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Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility: FINAL UPDATE

October 21, 2021

The time for a new chapter is upon us.

The new building is ready. The new showroom and shop are all but set up, and the old building is just about empty. In the next week we will be completing the move to the new facility and settling everything in to begin doing business there full time. During this time, we are continuing to do business at full capacity – while we do not for see any issues keeping to our normal turn-around time during this process, please understand that the entire staff is involved in the move, and there maybe a some slight delays in the time to complete your vehicle. If you have an appointment between October 22nd and October 29th, please contact your salesman through email or the shop phone line to verify which location to drop your vehicle at. We thank you for your patience and support during this effort. 

Sales associate emails: | | |

Now, on to the grand opening. We will be celebrating the grand opening of our new building on November 13th, and you don’t want to miss it! We’ll be hosting a free car show with entertainment and more – stay tuned for more details. The car show is free to attend and enter, and we want our customers to come and show off their vehicles. If you’d like to register, here’s the link to sign up.  If you’d like more info on the grand opening ceremony, please contact us at with your name and any questions you may have. Finally, if you’d like to subscribe to our email newsletter for all things SORS, you can sign up here.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the all new SORS!

Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility Update #6

September 20, 2021

As the move in date for our new facility in Downtown Cumming, GA draws nearer, things are really starting to come together. Step inside the new facility, and nearly all traces of the movie theater are gone. Instead, what you’ll find are sleek concrete floors, bright white painted walls and color-coded work zones. Out front, the lobby is nearly ready to serve as a showroom and the old front doors have been replaced by glass and new, sliding doors. In the next two weeks, The lifts will be installed, the exterior paint will be finished and the move-in process will begin. You can expect us to be doing business in this location by November – keep your ears out for news on our Grand Opening celebration.

See progress pictures below.

Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility Update #5

Aug 5, 2021

Concrete has been poured at the new SORS facility! This is a big step that brings us one step closer to building the Southeast’s coolest custom 4×4 vehicles in the new shop. In the coming weeks all electrical, concrete, sheet rock and paint work is set to begin. By the end of August, this building should look very close to an off-road facility.

Scroll down to see progress pictures from this week. Stay tuned for more updates!

Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility Update #4

July 21, 2021

As the summer rolls on, progress is heating up in the new SORS facility! With the gutting of the building now long complete, it’s just about time to start pouring some concrete. The prep work is moving ahead full-steam this and concrete is set to be poured next week. Additionally, framing for the sales counter and front offices is also being put down this week, and the initial prep work has begun for our loading dock out back. Things are moving right along schedule, and its looking promising that we’ll see you in the new facility this fall!

Scroll down to see pictures from this week. Stay tuned for more updates!

Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility Update #3

June 9, 2021

In the latest round of progress at the all new SORS facility, things are still moving smoothly. All of the theaters are now completely cleared out, and all of the rubble from blowing out walls is gone. Looking at the building now, it looks like a shell with dirt floors – but we can see the shop starting to come together. Up next is to pour the new floors, get the walls ready and start getting ready to install electrical systems and equipment.

See what the building os looking like below!

Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility Update #2

May 14, 2021

The month of May has been good so far for the build out of the all new Southern Off-Road Specialists facility. Phase 2 of our build out – remodeling the interior of the building to transform it from movie theater to lift shop – has made huge progress since our last update. The inside of the building is completely blown out, as you can see in the pictures below. For anyone who frequented the building as Movies 400, you’ll recognize the massive changes that are happening each day. By our next update, the pieces should really be falling into place, and you may just start to see the beginnings of a lift shop.

With this progress, we are well on track to be in our new facility by fall. We’re excited about the ability of growth we’ll be able to achieve with this new facility. Check out the latest pictures below!

Southern Off-Road Specialists New Facility Update #1

April 21, 2021

When we announced in February that Southern Off-Road was moving to a new location at the Movies 400 building in downtown Cumming, there was much work to be done. Phase 1 – removing all of the old theater equipment, merchandise and leftovers was a long process, but as of this week all of the remnants of the theater are gone. The vast majority was sold back to the Forsyth community, and we thank everyone who purchased from us. Today, we are happy to announce that Phase 2 of the build-out is well underway. As you can see in the pictures below, most of the inside has been gutted and the transformation from theater space into shop space is in progress

While a lot has been done over the last two months, there is still plenty ahead of us. Floors need to be leveled out and re-poured, walls blown out and put up, equipment needs to be installed, and so on. However, we can confidently say that we are on track to be all moved in by the fall months. Before the year end, the all new Southern Off-Road Specialists will be up and running!

Stay tuned for more updates!