While Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow, the Southeast’s own groundhog weather forecaster, General Beauregard Lee, did not see his shadow this Groundhog Day. This means an early spring for the Southeastern states (maybe). However, springtime comes with its own unique set of challenges for travel, including wet weather, road debris and the remnants of winter weather. While we all wish for warmer weather, ensure your truck is ready for any potential slush fest this spring with these aftermarket upgrades.


Early spring is an unpredictable time of year, no matter what part of the country you’re in. However, this is especially true in the Southeast, with southern states experiencing everything from heat waves to blizzards between the months of February and April. This unpredictable weather makes for unpredictable driving conditions, and your trucks stock all-seasons may handle poorly in slick situations. With their aggressive treads and superior water channeling, all-terrain tires make excellent wet-weathers choices. Since they are designed for traction-absent off-road conditions like mud, sand, and loose dirt, they handle wet and/or slushy roads with greater ease than your typical all-seasons. Our picks for all-terrain tires are the Toyo Open Country A/T3, the Yokohama Geolander X-AT, and the Nitto Ridge Grappler. All of which combine all the best features of all-terrain, mud and all-season tires into a stellar hybrid package.


Snow and slush are never out of the question during the early spring, and many areas in the Southeast tend to see more chances of snow into March than they do in the Early winter months. The resulting mud and slush from snowmelt can make an absolute mess of your truck’s interior. Pair that with dead leaves, dirt and other debris and the inside of your truck is a disaster before you know it. Make for an easy clean up this spring with removable, washable floor liners. Our pick is WeatherTech – they always fit, they go in and out easy, and they clean up in a breeze.


Between the rain, mud and potential snow, the contents of your truck’s bed are open to many different forms of spoilage during the unpredictable spring months. If you’ll be hauling fragile or expensive cargo in your truck’s bed, you NEED to have a tonneau cover. Now, unless you opt for the one-piece, fiberglass variant, you can’t expect your cover to be 100% waterproof. However, many of today’s quality hard folding variants and even soft roll-ups, like the Truxedo Pro X15, can keep up to 99% of the water out. If you won’t be carrying moisture-sensitive cargo, it’s still worth it to consider a spray-in bedliner if your truck didn’t come equipped with one from the factory. This obviously won’t protect your bed contents from the elements, but it will help to keep things from sliding around and scratching your truck bed beyond recognition.


While not necessarily an upgrade, If your battery is nearing the end of its expected 5 year lifespan now is the perfect time to treat your vehicle to a new one. Because batteries can use up to twice as much current in cold weather to start your vehicle, wintertime is notorious for killing car batteries. Even if your battery survived the official winter months, cold spring weather can still render a weak battery useless and leave you stranded.

Combine all these features for a truck that can’t be stopped this spring (or summer, fall, winter). If you’re a dealership, having trucks with these features on your lot will give you additional selling points to work off of in addition to all of the great stock features of the truck. Anyway you spin it, trucks with these up-fits are winners. If you need a price quote on parts/installation or help picking out the right aftermarket parts for your vehicle, contact the experts at SORS today, and we’ll get you taken care of.