Are you in the market for a new set of wheels for your truck or Jeep? Check out these newcomers to the SORS wheel line-up! These three wheels companies are offering some of the freshest, most interesting new designs in the wheel aftermarket. Some of these wheels, with their off-the wall finishes and updated spoke designs are poised to be trendsetters in the off-road wheel industry for the rest of the ’20s. Here’s our new favorites out of our wheel selection.


Wicked Off-Road is a new aftermarket wheel company specializing in the off-roading wheel designs. Wicked creates wheels tough enough to be taken off the road and into rough terrain, while still retaining the looks that have become expected in off-road wheel designs. With aggressive styling and attention-grabbing spoke designs. These wheels are perfect for building a truck that’s perfectly in-tune with today’s lifted truck enthusiast’s tastes. And, though many of Wicked’s designs aren’t exactly revolutionary, Wicked is such a new brand that you’re bound to pick up some attention from other truck and Jeep enthusiasts who aren’t familiar with the brand.


VenomRex’s mission is to give “adventerous, free-spirited drivers a brand to call their own.” VenomRex sets out to provide the wheel aftermarket with “bold, inspired, and uncomventional designs” and certainly delivers on that front. With aggressive, ultra-modern looking spoke designs and trend-setting finishes like bronze and graphite, VenomRex is on the leading edge of the wheel aftermarket. VenomRex are popular for their Ford F-150/Raptor wheels, but also offer wheels for GM, Ram, Toyota and Jeep applications. Additionally, models like the 601 are some of the lightest wheels in the aftermarket, thanks to VenomRex’s Flow-Forged technology.


American Truxx was founded in Dallas, TX with the belief that “a person’s truck is the rolling metal embodiment of the American Spirit. As such, each truck rightly deserves unique custom wheels that loudly proclaim the style and attitude of the individual driving it.” American Truxx offers wheel styles ranging from aggressive (like the Vortex) to truly radical wheels designs. Besides the of gloss black, matte black, chrome and polished, American Truxx offers unique brushed finish on cast wheels that mimicks the look of a raw forged wheel. Truxx also has many forged offerings available in all kinds of eye-catching finishes. Inspired by the styles seen on SEMA truck builds, these are the wheels to go with if you want to get noticed.

For every package we put onto a vehicle, we choose the best the industry has to offer. No singular wheel company can make the best fit or style for every vehicle, but with our large roster of wheel brands we can cover any customers’ desired wheel applications. Whether you’re looking for modest aftermarket replacement wheels, or a radical head turning design, SORS’s expert shop managers can help you find a wheel with the right looks, size and offset for your vehicle.