Looks & Ideas for the '21+ Ford Bronco

The coolest Bronco builds to come through our shop

Feb 7, 2022

The new Ford Bronco has become a staple of our business at Southern Off-Road. As more and more Broncos are delivered to dealerships and customers, Bronco owners are eager to put their own spin on the new off-roader from Ford. The beauty of the Bronco is that the possibilities for aftermarket customization are vast, and making the vehicle uniquely yours is easy – especially when you bring your vehicle to the experts at SORS. The hardest part will be deciding what direction you’d like to go with your Bronco build. To help out, we’ve rounded up some of the best looking and most functional 2021 & up Ford Bronco builds to come through our shop. If you have a new Bronco, or are looking to purchase one, and would like to make yours even more off-road ready, check out these ideas from other Bronco owners.

The Looker

Some Bronco owners will be happy by and large with their Bronco, but may just want to get it looking a bit more aggressive. For those owners, we recommend a treatment like this customer – one of the first Broncos to come through our shop. The changes are simple, but by adding 20″ Fuel Off-Road Maverick wheels and 35″ Nitto Ridge Grapplers, the Bronco’s already great looks get bumped up a notch. However, this package isn’t all looks – the Ridge Grapplers offer significantly improved off-road traction. This package is also a great option for those who want to beef up their Bronco without breaking the bank, and it’s a great platform to build upon. 

The Off-Roader

For those who plan on doing some serious adventuring in their Bronco, these are the upgrades you want. This Bronco will be able to go anywhere without batting an eye. A suspension lift and 37″ Ridge Grapplers on this already capable vehicle give you enough meat to get through any situation, from gravel roads to boulders. On top of the suspension lift and beefed up tires, this customer added ample amounts of LED lighting keep the trail in sight for trail rides in the twilight hours. The most important elements to this build, however, are the steel bumper / Warn winch combo. As any serious off-roader knows, these are two of the most important pieces of insurance you can have on a vehicle – getting stuck won’t be an issue for this Bronco.


Finally, there are those of you who will simply want to have the baddest Bronco in town. For these Bronco owners, setups like this one are a great place to start. This customer opted to get the ball rolling with 5″ of lift in the suspension. This was complemented with 37″ BF Goodrich mud-terrain tires and 17″ Fuel Off-Road Trophy wheels. This 5″ lift is currently the tallest option available on the market, so for those who follow the philosiphy of “bigger is better”, this is the kit to go with. If the stance of this Bronco doesn’t quite do it for you, we recommend opting for 37″ tires for a truly gargantuan Bronco. Fender deletes were also added to this Bronco to add to the off-road centric looks and capabilities. Pair modifications like this with rock sliders, mean looking front/rear bumpers, LED lighting and other accessories of the like, and you will have the baddest Bronco in town.

These are just three examples of the tens of Bronco builds we’ve done since they’ve started shipping out from the factories. Each build we’ve done so far has been different, and this is not a definitive guide to what’s possible by any means. If you can dream it – we’ll build it. If you have a Bronco and want to talk build ideas, or would like to get an installation quote, contact us today!